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Newly Developed Self-Parking Office Cars From Nisan ‘ft’ Okamura!!

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While motorized human transporters
have yet to truly take off, the folks over at Nissan have come up with
something more practical for the time being: self-parking office chairs.
With a single clap, these futuristic furniture will auto-magically tuck
themselves back into their rightful positions, thus keeping your office
or meeting room neat and tidy. Nissan says these modified Okamura chairs are actually tracked by four motion cameras on the walls, and then they are simultaneously controlled via WI-Fi. As simple as it sounds, don’t expect these chairs to be hitting the
market any time soon. What you see here is merely a stunt to promote the
Japanese automaker’s intelligent parking assist technology, so you’ll
probably still be pushing office chairs around for the many years to

Japan prides itself on making nearly every aspect of everyday living
more convenient through technology, but we never could have seen this
one coming: self-parking chairs!

Posted to Nissan’s
YouTube page on Sunday, the Intelligent Parking Chairs are activated by just clapping and they use a system of
wireless signals, ceiling-mounted, motion-detecting cameras and a Roombalike circular chassis with wheels at the bottom of each chair.

In the video (although this part isn’t explained), a user can simply
clap their hands loudly to have an entire group of disorganized chairs
snap to life and arrange themselves back under the table to assigned

The cmpany claim not to have any plan to sell these to consumers and, upon further
examination, it looks like this is really just Nissan’s way to cleverly
promote its new Intelligent Park Assist self-parking car system.

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The ploy worked. Good job, Nissan. But now they’ll have to deal with
all those requests for robot chairs that will definitely start pouring
in. You can’t create something this cool and leave us

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