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Introduction to Java Programming Language- The Basics

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Today, I’ll start introducing y’all to java as a programming language. Read about programming language here. Java programming language is a popular programming language, and I’ll tell you why and more about this computer programming language.

History of Java

The Java programming Language evolved from a language named Oak. Oak was developed in the early nineties at Sun Microsystems as a platform-independent language aimed at allowing entertainment appliances such as video game consoles and VCRs to communicate . Oak was first slated to appear in television set-top boxes designed to provide video-on-demand services. Just as the deals with the set-top box manufacturers were falling through, the World Wide Web was coming to life. As these Oak’s developers began to re cognize this trend, their focus shifted to the Internet and WebRunner, an Oak-enabled browser, was created. Oak’s name was changed to Java and WebRunner became the HotJava web browser. The excitement of the Internet attracted software vendors such that Jav a development tools from many vendors quickly became available.


Java was developed to achieve 5 main goals. These are:

  • It should be simple, object-oriented, distributed and easy to learn.
  • It should be robust and secure.
  • It should be independent of a given computer architecture or platform.
  • It should be very performant.
  • It should be possible to write an interpreter for the language. The language should also support parallelism and use dynamic typing.

Areas of Application

  • World Wide Web Applets
  • Cross-Platform Application Development
  • Other Network Apps

An example Hello java program:

/** * This is a simple program in Java. * It shows “Hello Java!” on the screen. */ class Hellojavaprogram { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(“Hello java!”); } }
Java is commonly used to teach students how to program as a first language, yet is still also used by professionals.


There are many types of Java programs which run differently:

  • Java Applet – small program written in Java and that is downloaded from a website and executed within a web browser on a client computer.
  • Application – executes on a client computer. If online, it has to be downloaded before being run.
  • JAR file (Java ARchive) – used to package Java files together into a single file (almost exactly like a .zip file).
  • Servlet – runs on a web server and helps to generate web pages.
  • Swing application – used to build an application that has a GUI (windows, buttons, menus, etc.).
  • EJB – runs on a web server and is used to develop large, complex websites.
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  • Java requires that each variable be initialized. Some older languages such as C, allow variables to go uninitialized, which can cause random failures with mysterious bugs.
  • Java requires that each method that declares a return type, always return a value. This also prevents bugs.
  • Java comes with a large set of classes and methods, the Java API that can be used without having to develop as much code “from scratch”.
  • Unlike C, Java primitive types, such as int, are always the same size in the number of bits which helps achieve cross-platform compatibility.
  • Java used to be thought of as being slower than C, but that’s less important in recent years with computers being faster.
  • Java has exception-handling that requires a programmer to handle error-conditions such an Input/Output errors.
  • Code compiles on one Java platform can be run on other platforms that support Java without modification of either the source-code nor the byte-code. For example, this means that a person can make a Java program for a Windows computer and have it run a Linux computer or a Mac computer.
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